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Oxford International

At Oxford International, our mission is to facilitate individuals seeking to build a new life abroad with thorough immigration services. Our team of seasoned specialists provides professional support, counsel, and guidance throughout the entire immigration process. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams of relocating to Australia or Canada for work and residency.

Every year, Australia’s migration program welcomes qualified professionals to fill available job positions. With significant shortages in skilled engineers, IT specialists, artisans, teachers, accountants, nurses, and medical professionals, Australia seeks to address its workforce demands. These professionals are often featured on Australia’s PR Demand List, highlighting their high demand for permanent residency.

Our immigration consultancy specializes in managing Australia’s immigration processes comprehensively. We offer professional guidance and support to individuals seeking temporary or permanent entry into Australia, including visa application assistance.

Our expertise lies in efficiently securing Australian visas for our clients, including those pursuing employment opportunities. Leveraging the dedication of our web team, we extend our services worldwide. Our consultants undergo rigorous training to ensure they provide expert supervision and assistance to our clients. We diligently assess your eligibility against Australia’s immigration criteria to facilitate a smooth immigration journey.

With full accreditation from the International Council of Closer Relations (ICCRC), we excel in every facet of Canadian immigration processing. Our expert team offers support and advocacy to foreign nationals aspiring to enter Canada temporarily or permanently.

To expedite our clients’ entry into Canada, our immigration expert navigates various visa categories, including work permits. Thanks to our diligent web team, we extend our assistance globally.

Each member of our staff undergoes thorough training and receives direct supervision from a registered consultant. We meticulously assess our clients’ eligibility for Canadian immigration requirements.

With extensive connections to sought-after immigration destinations worldwide, we’ve consistently assisted prospective immigrants in starting anew. We’re dedicated to helping you secure the best visa option tailored to your unique circumstances, facilitating your journey to become a temporary or permanent resident of Canada.